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Great Vacation Rentals began being offered in Hawaii when Emmanuel Chen started making available two luxury vacation rentals on Hawaii’s main island of Oahu.

The two affordable vacation condos represent the best of both worlds, the international glamour, shopping and nightlife of Waikiki Beach’s resort zone, and the secluded beachfront living on Oahu’s pastoral Punalu’u shoreline.

Your Host & Owner

“I am a single father who found a way to spend a lot of time with my son while earning a living. Great Vacation Rentals PhotoThe two condos I had purchased before my son was born were zoned for vacation rentals, so I added value to them with upgrades and amenities and started welcoming guests. I believe we can make all the plans we want in life but the final outcome is up to God and that faith is a result of my Christian upbringing.”

Many people may only have an opportunity to visit Hawaii once in their lifetime. A Hawaii vacation is special by its very nature.

The trip alone is quite a commitment of time and expense just to fly here. Thus, every minute of vacation or honeymoon time here is most precious.

Golden Rule Hospitality

“I try to treat others as I would like to be treated and my experience with incoming guests goes back to the 1980s when as a young man I moved here from California. My first job was dancing in authentic Hawaiian cultural shows. Then I went on to operate a diving and snorkeling tour business for a number of years.”

Emmanuel is an avid sports and fitness participant, which has led to chronic knee injuries and impending surgeries.

“I have put on some pounds since the knee has slowed me down from playing racquetball and my other athletic activities. But. I want to take this opportunity to thank the hundreds of guests that have reviewed me so favorably since 1999, as well as express my gratitude for all the current and future guests I have the honor of serving. All of you kind guests have made it possible to raise and educate my son with pride.”